Florian LARRUE - PhD in Cognitive Sciences - Engineer in Cognitics

                                      Mail : flo.larrue@gmail.com
                                      Spécialité : User Interfaces,Virtual Reality, 3D,  Spatial Cognition
                                      2D & 3D Navigation, Human Machine Interface

Welcome on my professional webpage!
You will find information about my work and my research fields.

Since December 2011, I achieved my PhD thesis, under the direction of Bernard N'Kaoua, Laboratory EA 4136 "Handicap & Nervous System", and Mr Christian GROSS, CNRS UMR 5227 "Movement, Adaptation, Cognition" from the University of Bordeaux. You can find details of my thesis here. My thesis is also downloadable at the following web link: http://www.theses.fr/2011BOR21886/document

Currently, I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Bordeaux Research Computer (LaBRI).
I work also in the National Research Institute of Computer and Automatic Science, in the  POTIOC team, under the direction of Martin Hachet.

More precisely, I work currently on the SIMCA project, an airport simulator, in collaboration with Toulouse Airport, Oktal, AirFrance, National School of Civil Aviation and Aero In Sys.
Goal of the project is to develop an gateway simulator, and to find the best interfaces which increase gateway learning with a simulator. We manipulate 3 variables ( Screen size : little, medium , at the scale; stereoscopy : with Vs Without, and Head Tracking : WIth Vs Without).

More information on the SIMCA project : SIMCA

News :
29/08/2013 : a lot of news, 3 published articles  (one in Plos One, one in interact 2013)! See the publications Section for more information.

25/03/2013 :  A lot of news! I have an R&D engineer job at Lectra (http://www.lectra.com/)
A video of SIMCA Project : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6z_TbXewjMI

New articles/review/conferences :
review : alt.chi 2013

Accepted long paper for  INTERACT 2013 (South Africa) : Florian LARRUE, Hélène SAUZEON, Déborah FOLOPPE, Grégory WALLET, Jean-René CAZALETS, Christian GROSS, Martin HACHET and Bernard N'KAOUA Assessing the impact of automatic vs. controlled  rotations on spatial transfer with a joystick and a  walking interface in VR

BCI Work Shop :  F. Lotte, F. Larrue, M. Hachet, "BCI Research at Inria Bordeaux: making BCI designs usable outside the lab", 5th International BCI meeting, 2013

Article : Eric Sorita, Christian Bellio, Florian Larrue, Benoix Papaix, Bernard N'Kaoua, Jean-Michel Mazeau, Pierre-Alain Joseph.2008. Topographical disorientation in patients with traumatic brain injury : performance in real compared to virtual environment. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine .

15/12/2012 : I always search a R&D engineer job or a postdoctal position. Contact me at flo.larrue@gmail.com !

15/11/2012 : The article "Do patients with traumatic brain injury learn a route in the same way in real and virtual environments?"  Eric SORITA , Bernard N'Kaoua , Florian LARRUE , Julie CRIQUILLON , Audrey SIMION , Pierre-Alain Joseph , Jean-Michel MAZAUX is accepted and will be published in DISABILITY & REHABILITATION.

10/07/2012 : I search a post doctoral or an engineering application in the Human Machine Interfaces fields. Do not hesitate to contact me!

The paper "Brain Computer Interface Vs Walking Interface in VR : The Impact of Motor Activity on Spatial Transfer" Larrue, F., SAUZEON, H., AGUILOVA, L., LOTTE, F., HACHET, M. , NKAOUA, B. is accepted for Virtual Reality Software Technology, VRST'2012,  which will takes place in Toronto, December 10 -12.